Social Media Program


What To Expect

Participants are expected to learn Marketing fundamentals and the tactical skills needed to execute social media marketing campaigns. Participants will also be introduced to possible career pathways in digital marketing and will be introduced to concepts that will help them become 21st century workforce ready. In addition, with the successful passing of this course, participants will earn a certificate from Facebook as a Certified Planning Professional. 

Some of specific items participants will be learning will be:

Digital Marketing Strategy / Digital Marketing Channels
Analytics, Data, & Reporting
Content Strategy / Content Development
Paid Social / Lead Generation

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Aside for learning these kinds of hard skills, apprentices will also learn soft skills such as:  presentation talent, critical thinking, collaboration and creative problem solving.

Cohort 3 TIMELINE:

Interest Form Submission: now - Friday, August 24
Online Application and Video Deadline: Sunday, August 26
Acceptance Letter: Monday, August 29

Orientation: Tuesday, September 4
Class Dates: Wednesdays, September 5 - November 14
Class Location / Time: Downey High School / 6 - 9pm
Final Presentation: Tuesday, November 14


Interested in being part of this program? Fill out the form below!

Program fee will be waived for the first 25 people people accepted into program.

All participants that complete the program will earn a certificate from Facebook in having achieved advertising core competencies.


Creating the next generation of creatives


In 2014, a group of local creatives with backgrounds in photography, graphic design, small business development, and urban planning decided to create a creative agency meant to bring brand awareness to local companies. This is how Crawford Group was born. Early on, Crawford saw a need to provide professional development for young people in what is considered the “creative economy.”

Creative economy refers to the socio-economic potential of activities that trade with creativity, knowledge, and information. At its center, the creative economy is an industry that lays at the crossroads of arts, culture, business, and technology. From this natural demand in creative services, Crawford began working closely with DUSD to create robust programs that help create the next generation of creatives.


Early Projects

Local Businesses




Our industry professional partners


Our Instructional Partner


Gentefy is made up of local community leaders with backgrounds in entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, academia, and social impact. Our sole purpose is to help the next generation of local leaders reach their maximum potential so they can reinvest in the communities they grew up in. 

Our mission is to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit and act as a catalyst for economic empowerment by delivering equitable access to high-quality education, products and services that help local communities thrive.